Oven Glitz

Professional independent Oven Cleaning using Eco friendly products

Non-hazardous chemicals. No Fuss. No Mess. No Fumes

All oven types cleaned

Firstly I strip down the appliance by removing all the shelves, racks, interior `self-cleaning’ panels and fan guard, (behind which an amazing amount of grunge lurks). These are then put into a van based heated tank where the grease and burnt-on food deposits are Erased. 

I return to the oven and with the specially-developed  caustic free formula is applied to the interior of the oven. Using cleaning tools and some hard work, all grease and burnt-on carbon is completely removed de-greased and polished along with the bits you can not get at, such as between the door glass etc. The parts in the heated tank are rinsed-off and the oven re-assembled.

Using a degreasing solution the exterior of the oven & hob is cleaned & polished and left like new inside & out.






Covering Greater Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas


Price Guide

Down below is a guide to just how little you can expect to pay for getting your oven as sparkling clean as when it was brand spanking new.